Dear fellow writer

Dear Fellow Writer,

I don’t know you personally, I don’t even know you at all. I just heard some bad things about you from a friend who doesn’t like you so maybe, I’ll hate you like how this friend hates you. I don’t really like to use the H word, it’s exerts such a strong emotion comparable to killing but I don’t know what word to use so I’ll just ‘hate’ you but not too much.

I know your existence, you know mine, we don’t care. Couldn’t care less, we’re strangers. I developed this little hate towards you and I know it’s unfair but I know you wouldn’t even care. It’s funny how “little” plus hate do not match but it’s perfect, i guess.

You’re a fellow artist in this field, so I guess I’ll be giving you a chance. It’s also funny how I’m still trying to convince myself that I don’t like you just because you use words too flowery that I can make the Garden of Eden out of it. You use thoughts too deep that I feel embarrassed for the Pacific Ocean.You’re like all rainbows and butterflies, and all pot full of gold. I don’t know what to feel anymore. I do not admire you, but maybe a little bit or my mind is still processing whether to like you or still hate you a little bit.

I have read some of your works. I don’t hate it, I am not intimidated either. I think it’s good.. good enough to make me write something about you. I think I don’t hate you a little bit anymore.Can we be friends and write something beautiful?

Your Fellow Writer


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