To the old man, I’m sorry

I was walking and imagining. Imagining random things so random I forgot what I was thinking. Then this man, old man actually, limping in front of me with his rugged clothes on and a very old cap and his torn bag on his shoulders.

I heard something dropped. It was his box end wrench. I thought he was going to pick it up but he didn’t. I realized he didn’t knew that it fell. I should pick it then but I didn’t. He continued on walking. I continued on walking too. I have seen the rest of the tools inside his bag. I knew then, maybe he’s a carpenter or a mechanic of whatever. We both continued on walking. What have I done?

Each step away from that wrench, I felt the guilt. What if he doesn’t have enough money to buy another wrench? What if that wrench wasn’t his after all? What if the food for his family depended on that wrench? But I continued walking. I didn’t do anything, not even tried to call his attention and tell him that his wrench fell.
what have I done?

Now I’m having regrets because I was not able to do such a simple act of help. But I cannot turn back time anymore. So manong (old man) I’m very sorry. I am really sorry. I don’t know but if ever I see you again,I wish to help you on that moment.


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