The D

We, human beings, complain easily. And I believe that complaining has something to do with The D. But before anything else, the “D” referred here is not the infamous/famous D but the D as in discipline.


The D

People complain about anything and everything under the sun, from how the food is served to the heavy traffic to the worst airport to the hellish heat of the sun and the hellish pouring of rain and how we need Noah’s Ark right now. But only a few get the idea of the need of being disciplined to prevent these complains. Why not go out for a run instead of hating yourself because of the not-so-cute dimples on your thighs? Why not start a Savings account instead of complaining how bad the government is because of high taxes? We really cannot just blame another being’s existence just to justify our own faults.

People of this generation nowadays are too busy and rely on everything that are instant. I think that’s why only a few would actually have the time to discipline themselves on whatever. Speaking of time, I don’t believe this “I don’t have time for that” thing. We all have time, it’s just that we don’t use it wisely enough. We have enough time, we just don’t know how to set priorities that’s why this time of ours just gets wasted and we think there’s no time for The D.

If we just take time to discipline ourselves, we’d have less and less complains.

Now, I still don’t know if this is a rant or something else.

Any thoughts about The D?



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