I really believe that no matter how great you are, there’s someone, somewhere, that’s greater than you. It does not mean that we have to pity ourselves but I really think that it’s a good way of reminding us to be humble no matter how great we may be.

Humility is scarce these days. With all the means to acquire something or be something, people go that way to become known. I think that this age is so obsessed with fame (and the like) and so we spend – time, money, etc. – to be seen, heard, felt. There’s nothing really wrong with being at the ‘top’ but sometimes it’s just the attention that we want. So people, other people, see it as being selfish. That’s how wars started, because of misinterpretation.

BUT, who doesn’t want to be noticed? I think that even introverts like me  wants to be noticed, (but not too much). But still, there should be a place for humility in our lives. Even the Lord Jesus humbled himself, so why can’t we?

Humility, I believe, is the first step to greatness.



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