Truth Thursday: I’ll Give

“A house is not a home”

If I’d be able to give something to everybody, I’d like to give everyone a home. Where there will be abundance in love and caring. Where everyone will feel that they matter no matter what everyone else thinks. I’d like them to feel that they’re wanted and they need not to self-pity because they’re not pitiful in any way.

I’d like for everyone to have an embracing kind of home, a pat-on-the-back kind of home, an I’ll-be-there-whenever-you-need-me kind of home, a correcting kind of home, a home that is not only a happy kind of home but a home that they’ll want to go back to because it’s different than the others. The kind of home that has warmth of the sun, security of a father’s arm, calmness of a mother’s speech, and the joy of family.

I’d like to give everyone a home that will support them, and correct them when needed. A home that even when it’s not perfect, it’ll still prove that it’ll stay through thick and thin. A home that will help you uncover the mysteries of life and discover simple pleasures. A home that even when shaken with a storm, it’ll still generate a smile and at the end of the day, they’ll all, with confidence, say that it has been a fine day.


For my fellow Filipinos who are really under the weather, stay strong, remember where your homes are.

Written for Truth Thursdays 


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