Truth Thursday: Can’t Wait No More


Ever since I was in the fourth grade, I dreamed of becoming an engineer. I am pretty confident that I can do it. I graduated with honors back in high school. I got accepted to a nice university and started walking towards my dream. But something big happened. Then I got bored with what I was doing. The thrill that I was feeling before was no longer there and I was only convincing myself to continue because my parents wanted me to finish my engineering degree. I was still walking but without enthusiasm.


Little by little, I realized how much I loved the arts. The love I had for engineering was geared towards the love for writing. And then I realized that all along, I was writing, it’s just that I didn’t notice it. I wrote on a diary (yes, of course, I went through this stage), I wrote poems, I blog, I just write whatever. I wanted to become a writer and write my own books and scripts for films. It was like an enlightenment.

I paused. I did something that would, let’s say, disappoint my parents and even I myself didn’t believe that I did it. (I’m a pretty obedient daughter haa!) I have decided that I wanted to transfer schools so I did not enroll on the incoming term. And it caused some drama between me and my mom. But I was really desperate that time and that little rebel in me shone. So I stopped for a year and I loved that little pause in my life and my brain (it was a break from too much numbers and equations and stuff). It was like a soul-searching moment and I am happy that it happened.


I finally found an art college that I want. I enrolled and now I’m in my Junior year. After that pause in my academic life, the play button was pressed again. I am more than halfway of becoming a filmmaker and I can’t wait no more! I discovered new things that I like like photography, directing, and revived my drawing skills. It’s comparable to a renaissance. It’s like a rebirth of a new me, a new self that is walking again, with enthusiasm, on to achieving a dream.


Written for Truth Thursday on a Monday.

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