Lemon Lime Colored Curtains and the Limitations of Life


Of lemon-and-lime-colored curtains lies behind a sky unsure whether to hide the sun or showcase it. This embodies the exact feelings of this little lady still unsure whether to mature or not go that way yet. Numbers float in her mind thinking what limits the life – her life and the lives of her loved ones. What could possibly be the cause of every limitation? What could be done? Why would then we try to break free from the limitations if in the end we will all be limited, buried under the ground?

Even the time spent being young and free is limited. Yet, every breathing being still wants to experience the high of the unlimited. It’s a feeling that sends man to the heaven of heavens. For a time, people are unchained and unstoppable able to conquer the world and the minds of the other beings. They find love and fall in love for a lifetime. They find love and fall out of it. Everything has a time limit. But people do not notice it until the time has come.

And then the time comes. Age becomes old, strength collapses, memory diminishes, and death comes – sometimes at peace, sometimes in the worst way – death comes for you or your loves, as promised. You, then, acknowledge the limitation of life, of everything. You miss what’s gone but realize that soon, you’ll be gone too.

Even the lemon-and-lime-colored curtains limit the view of the unsure sky that’s half-hiding the sun and half-showing the grey clouds that are about to cry.

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