I don’t want to say that this is a love story but…


She met him at a time of stillness. She was not looking for love nor daydreaming because she was content at the calmness life is giving her. He met her at a time of his almost enlightenment. He, too, was satisfied by the tranquility that surrounds his existence.

In a time of sereneness, they met.

Her unperturbed living met a storm masqueraded as his being. His enlightenment met a darkness masked as her existence. No one had a clue they were each others’ abyss ready to swallow each other whole.

She was caught in his snare and melted little by little until she became one with his heart. And when he thought his enlightenment was complete, she made him see that she is her inner peace. He got drowned in her ocean and experienced renaissance by her. And when she thought no storm can rage her, he whirled his way like a hurricane and made her experience a high she had never tasted. They both got eaten by each other’s angels and demons and they did not escape.

They did not escape. For she was his darkness and he was her storm.


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