I need a cat for world domination

I want a cat.

I’ve had a cat before and her name was Momo. She’s just a black tabby cat with a mustache. She really had no mustache but the black mustache-like on her mouth looked like one.  The mustache was really important though. I lost her after moving houses and that was pretty sad. Why is sad pretty? Now, I can’t start my plan on world domination without her. She’s good at meowing especially in the middle of the night. Talk about giving you the creeps *slaaay*. She’s also good in stealing food from the neighbors. One time, she brought a pack of frozen seafood, I caught her and she just ignored me. Talk about confidence. *savage*.  She’s had great ideas on conquering the world and I think that it’s all because of the mustache.


Hi, I like you.

Hi, I like you.

Hi, I like you. But I’m awkward and I have a zit on my face, so I’ll pretend to be busy and not notice you. But I’m secretly looking at you (not in a creepy way). And I might act awkward around you, but don’t be scared. It’s just because I like you.

‘Pogi’ means ‘Handsome’


Meron kang isang litrato sa iPad ko.

Hindi naman ikaw ang kinukunan ko kundi ang lecture mo.

Pero dahil hindi sinasadyang maisama ka,

Hindi ko na buburahin at titigan ko pa.


Dedicated to my friend, “LOL” who is really crushing on her prof.

Dedicated also to the ladies who developed a crush on their ‘pogi’ professors. lol.

To my ‘pogi’ Eng’g professor before, Hi Sir, tinititigan ka na lang namin pag di na namin maintindihan yung lesson. :))

Dear fellow writer

Dear Fellow Writer,

I don’t know you personally, I don’t even know you at all. I just heard some bad things about you from a friend who doesn’t like you so maybe, I’ll hate you like how this friend hates you. I don’t really like to use the H word, it’s exerts such a strong emotion comparable to killing but I don’t know what word to use so I’ll just ‘hate’ you but not too much.

I know your existence, you know mine, we don’t care. Couldn’t care less, we’re strangers. I developed this little hate towards you and I know it’s unfair but I know you wouldn’t even care. It’s funny how “little” plus hate do not match but it’s perfect, i guess.

You’re a fellow artist in this field, so I guess I’ll be giving you a chance. It’s also funny how I’m still trying to convince myself that I don’t like you just because you use words too flowery that I can make the Garden of Eden out of it. You use thoughts too deep that I feel embarrassed for the Pacific Ocean.You’re like all rainbows and butterflies, and all pot full of gold. I don’t know what to feel anymore. I do not admire you, but maybe a little bit or my mind is still processing whether to like you or still hate you a little bit.

I have read some of your works. I don’t hate it, I am not intimidated either. I think it’s good.. good enough to make me write something about you. I think I don’t hate you a little bit anymore.Can we be friends and write something beautiful?

Your Fellow Writer

You Are

You are the ant on the ground,

the lizard that  eats those flying insects,

and the monkey smiling slyly while eating the stolen banana.

You are always the chipping nail polish on every ladies’ fingers

and the broken string on some violin.

You are never the end of the rainbow,

never the cloud on a cloud nine.

You are never an anthem and never a rose.

But maybe you are the sun

drying the washed clothes outsides

or the grapes or tomatoes.

Maybe you are the sun

the sunflower looks up to.