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Elections 2016

Today, I voted.
All the suitors have been considered.
I still believe that none of them were right.
But, it came down to whoever was the lesser evil.
I am a rock star citizen of this third-world country.

Are We Humans or Are We?

What if we were all romanticists?

Then the world would be flooded by emotions.

Is it better than water? I mean, the global warming is getting pretty intense!

Let’s be humans, shall we?

Girl vs Woman

What is this thing differentiating a girl and a woman? Well, this has something to do with maturity. Others (the internet, friends, other human beings, etc.) say that a “girl” is not mature enough because of her actions, but once she grows, she matures into a “woman”. I really don’t see the need to put it in class because I believe that maturity is not a thing to be really measured. Sure, you can say that when a “girl” does not whine anymore or not be annoying anymore, she is starting to become a “woman”. But can a “woman” not whine or be annoying or immature? I think that even though a “woman” is sophisticated and classy enough, she can still be as annoying and immature. And then what? When she becomes overreacting, the world has the right to take away the title of being a “woman”?

One time, I was referred as a “woman” in one of my class discussion. I wouldn’t be bothered if this guy referred to me as a lady or as a girl, but then I heard a side comment that I am not yet a “woman” and that I am still a “girl”. After class, I thought about it. Why am I not passable as a “woman”? Why did someone believe that I am still a “girl”? I know for a fact that I appear younger than my real age and basing from the way I dress, I don’t dress corporate. So because of those physical reasons (which I really think the reason that person commented because we’re not close), somebody concluded, somebody decided that I am not a “woman”. I’ve had my moments of maturity and immaturity, but that does not really define me. Though maybe the world thinks differently.

What should a “woman” be? Should she be always walking in high heels and dressed maturely (I don’t even know how one maturely dresses). Should a “woman” always be found in restaurants drinking wine? Or should a “woman” be a founder of some advocacy? What? Should a “woman” always talk of sophisticated things or intellectual things or be on a spree of being a hero to the world? Somebody tell me please.

I don’t like that people associate the word ‘mature’ to the word ‘woman’. I think that being mature is not based on the way you dress though it can be a factor. Maturity is really not something to be measured because one may find one thing mature, but other may find it immature. Mature, immature, people do not need to be classified as either. People need to be respected. Being mature cannot really be defined. You just understand when you see one.

Help! Send donations to typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda victims.

Before even recovering from the earthquake, Visayas was once again hit by another calamity.  As we all know, typhoon Haiyan or locally known as Yolanda hit the Philippines on 8th of November 2013. It was one of the strongest typhoons to devastate the country leaving thousands of people dead and missing. Survivors clearly need help in terms of food, water, shelter, medications, and clothing.

As much as I sympathize with them, I really cannot understand what they’re really feeling. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot do anything to help them. Prayers have been made and so are donations.

And here are some ways on how people locally and internationally can send donations to help in aiding the victims of the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.


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RedCross PH



Rock Ed Philippines







Extend help.. because we are all brothers and sisters.