Self Portrait

what morning has brought me


laptop needs cleaning

Sunday morning, rain’s not falling. In fact it was a perfect shade of blue.
I can see the blooming of the fire tree through my window.
The birds are chirping in harmony and the trees are swaying to the call of the wind.
Through those trees, I can see the wind and feel its beauty and power overtaking them.
The sun’s rays from miles away slowly getting through my yellow curtain,
reminding this still sleepy lady to wake up.
This is what the morning has brought me.
This is the poetry through my window.


good morning, love

I just want to hurt your eyes

Image We (w/ my groupmates) visited the American War Memorial (some time in Jan. or Feb. I can’t remember, for our photography class) and there were rules to be followed of course and we thought that we’re not allowed to step on the grass. Then we came to the part where there’s no pavement anymore but grass. We laughed at ourselves cause we realized that it’s okay to step on the grass.


I edited the photo that way to hurt your eyes. *kidding*