On being an introvert and it, somehow, being the new black

Yes, I love reading books, writing, painting, taking photographs, having long walks, deep conversations, but I do not binge-watch on Netflix. I can give a speech in front of many people but I am awkward with small talks. I can be outgoing at times and also have moments of being shy. I can speak my mind out or keep the thoughts to myself. I am not ashamed that I am an introvert -INTJ to be exact- but it also feels awkward if I talk about it.

But these days, I have been reading a lot of listicles (list-type articles) about introverts. It is nice because I can relate to some but somehow, people are subtly putting us, introverts, to certain stereotypes like the Netflix thing which I don’t like. I like that people are becoming aware of introverts and our needs or how to interact with us, but I don’t like that it is being the new black. It shouldn’t be. Can you leave it as it is?

There are pros and cons of being an introvert. Sure, the internet can help big time. But if you really want to know how to deal introverts, you should personally spend time with one so that you would have a first-hand experience and not just follow whatever the internet is talking about. I mean, most of us wants deep, meaningful conversation, one-on-one, really getting-to-know-each-other stuff other than you just guessing based on some article you’ve read on the internet. Though, to be fair, I am reading those articles too but there are just those that are so stereotypical that I do not like.

I do not want this to be a ‘rant post’ so I need to stop before it gets there. I am not ashamed of being an introvert neither am I too proud about it. I just don’t want it to be the new black.



I’d recommend this site though: 16 Personalities. A site not only for introverts but for extroverts as well

Truth Thursdays: When It Was Over


when it was over

I just feel like writing about something personal. 🙂
I don’t want to create issues whatsoever so I’ll just call you Z.

Dear Z,
There might only be 0.01% chance of you stumbling upon this post but in case you did, haha! I don’t care, whatever.

Should I thank you? Maybe I should, for letting me feel something I haven’t experienced before.
We were both young back then, but i felt happy (and giddy) every time we talked(well, texted) on the phone every night until we both fell asleep. Those nights felt special for me and I think it also was for you. Thanks for trusting me some of your secrets and thanks for keeping some of mine. This is not a ‘longing for the past’ kind of post. This is just a ‘thanks-but-no-thanks’ post.

For months, I really felt special and loved by someone special other than a family. Even when we’re both awkward in person, I thought that even the awkwardness was something that only you and I understood. haha. (I feel icky writing this but yolo.) We were young and our feelings were ‘illegal’ (I mean, shhhhh, it’s a secret, only few people knew) We did not even dated, we just understood each other and it felt perfectly fine, so good that I thought you might be ‘the one’. It was really like a fairytale.. until the witch came.

Our ‘witch’ was not ordinary.. I don’t even know who/what our ‘witch’ was. Our fairytale (well, at least my fairytale) ended when you disappeared.. Literally! You! Why you did not even explain! It’s funny how you made yourself a magician with your perfect disappearing act. Even up to now, I’m still thinking why you left (literally) without any explanation. And all you left was your goodbye poem for me. Well, I did appreciate that poem. You made goodbyes a little bit sweeter. But since you’re the first that I really liked, it sucks to be reading a goodbye poem from you.

I was hurt and hated you for some time and since it was not known, I kept it all in me (you! why you hurt me? haha) But I never thought that you were my version of “the one that got away”. I was thinking that I was the one who got away but the author of my love story made it clear that we were really not meant to be. But I still want to thank you for having a brief part in my life. I am sure that I learned something, you learned something(I hope), and it was a nice, short ‘moment’. I knew I grew from that experience. I knew God has something and someone better. And I’m thankful that you did not publicly confess your ‘love’ or whatever feeling you have in there at that moment. If ever you did, shucks, many wrong things could have been made. So yeah, thanks.

I find this a little bit childish but you know, some things just needs to be said no matter how childish it might be. This isn’t even a goodbye. Our goodbye happened long ago. Let’s just look at it as a “throwback” thing.

We’re still awkward with each other but we both moved on.(duh, it was so 2009?) I’m happy, you happy, we happy!

I knew we won’t stop loving. Our Creator made us to love.

You’re not really the one that got away. Neither was I.


Never Alone


There are times when I just feel so alone. (cue music: All Alone -Fun.)
Though I tend to shy away in front of other people because I’m introvert,
I’m most comfortable when I’m with my friends. They make a monster crazy person out of me. But there are just these other friends people who just make you feel alone.
Good thing is that I know I’m never alone with my family and true friends around me and of course, my Lord Jesus who’ll never leave me nor make me feel alone.

How this introvert introduced herself

She’s fond of looking at the stars and starts bringing life to them through her writings.
It’s when in silence that she starts shouting. A lady with a timid personality but also
a jolly alter ego within. It’s not that music is her escape because it’s a part of her
world. And if she can, she’ll put music in little jars and adorn her house
with it. You’ll see her contributing her art to this world and she’s hoping you’ll be amazed by it.This introduction is short but enough to get you a glimpse of her galaxy.