Fun Fax

-Saved. If you know what I mean…. If not, I’d be glad to tell you about it.

-My normal face is a poker face or B**** face as they call it but I do really know how to smile.

-I do not like chocolate flavored food (ice cream, shake, cake, bread, etc. BUT I eat them, it’s just that they’re not my faves)

-I love sunflowers. They’re like soooo bright and happy, makes me happy too!

-I love (to infinity and beyond) Jason Mraz! ❤

-I am also a Macca fan!!! (McCartney’s sooo adorable!)

-I like old songs. Yeah, I like old cool songs.BUT I really like those 50’s, 60’s doo wop music. (The Temptations, The Shirelles, Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, The Feathers and all the other doo wopping group out there!)

-I love the sound of the BASS (guitar, voice)

-I also love lavender and citrus scents! sooo calming!

-I really have a good memory -long and short term. (I can memorize scents, sounds/tones, taste even after experiencing them.. makes me feel weird.)

-People always thought I have a problem or something but it’s just my face… and I’m introvert.

-I love books!! You can give me a library for my birthday!

-I love Sherlock (the book, the movie, the tv series, and Benedict Cumberbatch)

-I’m a fan of Einstein because he’s crazy and he’s introvert.. though, I am not really a fan of physics. Microbiology and chemistry interest me more. I also like Tesla, I just don’t like how his life ended. 😦

-I illustrate(paint, sketch); I take photographs; I read a lot and write a lot

-I think I’m a Romanticist but a Realist as well.

-I really like the number 7.

-When I was a kid, I cried because I don’t have and won’t have siblings. 😦

-I really like travelling. Long walks, road trips, late night going out, strolling by the seashore under the stars (see? I’m a romanticist).

-Vanilla ice cream is the best.



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