June, alone.

You don’t know how rain feels in June.
How it feels gloomy when gray clouds start to cover the clear skies.
You don’t hear how thunder reacts after lightning passes through the heavens.
You don’t see how the children play in the rain and how happy they are holding each others’ hands while singing and laughing.
You don’t smell the scent of the grass covered with raindrops.
You don’t touch them.
You don’t know.
Because you’re not here.

Sudden. Sunken.

‘Twas thirty minutes after six, classes have already ended. I was waiting for the shuttle bus, everyone was. I was standing and zoned out somewhere cause the bus took n-to-the-infinity before arriving. Then it started to rain. Oh my freakin’ vegetable goodness! It started to rain. I was tempted. I was tempted to take a picture of the moment but I was able to resist it. My iPad was the only camera I had at the time (my phone’s cam was broken) so I sacrificed the precious moment. I did not capture it. My heart’s breaking. Ouch!

Finally, the bus arrived, hopped in and watched the rain flowed down the window. And again, I have been wanting to take out this iPad to capture the love from the rain. But then again, I did not. Awwww. I was also somewhat giving in, wanting to take out the iPad and write something about this rain (Oh! The call of the goddesses of writing). But I felt awkward so I did not even dare. But I know that the inner machinations of my mind was writing. *smiles*

The rain grew harder as I transferred from the bus to a van terminal. Sucks bigtime! I’m starting to get wet and my shoes were starting to get wet also. This was a major problem for me as I do not want to walk with a wet sneakers with a wet feet inside. That’s just UNACCEPTABLE! I was lost into the thought of writing about the beautiful rain and I totally forgot about it all cause the heavy rainfall became too much to handle all of a sudden. Sunken.

The rain’s a friend but it can be enemy at times. So this is my poetry about the rain.

Rain, rain go away! Come again another day? Little Charmaine wants to play. Rain, rain go away!